Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Heart Punch Candy Bar Wrapper

This is my favorite project with the bundle so far, though I did add Riding Hood Red Prints Paper to the wrapper. I made the little flower with the Heart to Heart Punch and here's how:

1. Cut a piece of pink printed paper to 5.75" x 5.5", fold and adhere around candy bar.
2. Cut a piece of red printed paper to 2.25" x 5.5", fold and adhere to pink paper.
3. Cut a piece of white taffeta to wrap around bar. You can either knot it prettily in the front or back or stick it down to the paper like I did.
4. Stamp friend (coloring in with marker) on a piece of white paper and use the Tab Punch to make the little tab. Tuck under red paper and adhere to pink paper.
5. Punch 5 "chubby" hearts from Pink Pirouette Paper.
6. Fold heart in half vertically.
7. Place them in a semi circle, overlapping each a bit and securing to the red paper and ribbon with mini glue dots.
8. Place a rhinestone brad in the center and you're done!!


Nancy Riley said...

OMG! Such a great idea to use the heart punch to make this super cute flower! Very inspiring!

Marie said...

What a GREAT idea to make the flower out of the "chubby" hearts!! Calling them "chubby" just makes me giggle, too - I don't know why?? LOL ;)

Shirley said...

wow very impressive...... hope you do not mind if I make some of those?

Barbara Welch said...

I love your idea using the heart punch to make an adorable flower. Thanks for sharing your idea, I can't wait to make some of these.