Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Making Cupcakes - and Tags with My Digital Studio

I've been a My Digital Studio monster lately! Maureen and I made these cute tags for her sports-themed cupcakes as an entry to the Cub Scouts cake auction. Don't you think they will get a higher price for the ribbons and tags? We do!


Anonymous said...

I love the cupcakes AND the tags. How cute and creative you two are!

Julieee said...

So I have a question about My Digital Studio. When you begin a project, you specify if you want your greeting card to have a landscape or portrait orientation. Yet, whenever I go to print my 2-page cards, it always prints on 2 sheets of paper. So I have to cut them out and apply them to card stock. Is there a way to print out 2-page cards so that you can fold one sheet and have both pages on it? If not, I wonder why they ask you to specify the orientation of the project in a 4x6 size.

Julieee said...

Would be curious to see the Rock-n-roll technique demonstrated. Looking forward to your next class!