Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Another Snow Day!

We did it! 13 Valentines are ready to go for preschool. Only took 2 hours...ugh! Well, it's another snow day here in Leawood...which means that I don't have to feel bad that David and I didn't get to his Valentines yesterday...we are doing them today. I'll take pics as we create them this morning. I made a cute little insert for the cards...and I'm attaching it to this post so you can check it out!

Have I mentioned how much I love My Digital Studio recently? I created this in the time it took David to brush his teeth this morning...now...we won't talk about how it takes him 25 minutes to do that chore...but...you get the idea! You can buy MDS here! Make sure I'm selected as your demo to get preferred pricing!!

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